MiiR Steps Up As New ATCF Adventure Leader Member

We are pleased to welcome MiiR as the newest Adventure Leader member. Adventure Leaders are distinguished ATCF members leading the way in their fields to conserve natural and cultural resources of international adventure travel destinations. These members play a critical role in supporting ATCF operations, allowing the organization to run and manage a successful grant program. With signing on as an Adventure Leader, these companies make a three-year commitment to contribute $25,000 annually.
“We are already funding nonprofit work around the world, but would love to see a focus on adventure tourism.” says Charlie Clark, Director of Impact for MiiR. “MiiR has a goal to develop an internal travel program which would highlight partners, projects and adventures which are part of our company's greater ecosystem. We see this relationship as an excellent opportunity to not only help drive positive change but be connected to a robust network of like-minded groups.”
The ATCF came into existence in 2017 with organizations in the adventure travel and outdoor retailer industries uniting to support and catalyze conservation and environmental protection efforts worldwide. Since its inception in 2017, the organization has awarded $235k towards 10 projectsin 9 countries in just two short years.  
ATCF began their Adventure Leader membership when the organization began and with MiiR joining, we now have six Adventure Leaders: ExOfficioAdventure Travel Trade AssociationEagle CreekBackroadsREI Adventures and MiiR. Making a committing at this level, these Adventure Leaders have provided over $150 thousand in organizational support this year that helps the organization steward important conservation efforts worldwide.

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MiiR, a Seattle based company founded in 2010, began with the mission to empower people for a better future. A Product to Project company, MiiR donates 3% of revenues to trackable Give Projects, creates timeless, innovative and thoughtfully designed products, primarily in the insulated drinkware category. MiiR partners with some of the most respected non-profits in the world to create sustainable projects that support clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities across the globe. To date, MiiR has invested in 60 projects across 26 countries, and helped empower over 100,000 people.

Charlie Clark further explained that "at MiiR we exist to empower people for a better future. As an international brand which values environmental integrity and strong, healthy communities, it makes complete sense to align ourselves with the ATCF and its vision. As an Adventure Leader we hope to support critical programs and help drive awareness of the people and places which make the world worth traveling."

Thanks so much to MiiR and to all of the other members dedicated to supporting The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund protect the natural and cultural resources of adventure travel destinations. To learn more about membership, please read through our membership page, sign up to become a member below or contact us with any questions.


Soraya Shattuck
Executive Director

PS: Thanks to MiiR for supplying us these sweet coffee tumblers at the ATCF Breakfast Meeting! This helped me reduce my plastic waste at this year's Adventure Travel World Summit in Sweden.