norie quintos, journalist

How do you feel that your history best prepares you for service on the ATCF Board? 

As the former longtime executive editor and a current editor at large at National Geographic Traveler magazine, as well as a communications consultant working with the travel industry, I come with a wealth of editorial leadership and media expertise. As an active participant in the ATTA for the last eight years, including serving on the advisory boards of ATTA initiatives such as the Adventure Tourism Development Index and Adventure Media, I know many of the member operators and destinations.

Describe prior experience you have working with nonprofits and conservation groups? 

I was a full-time staff member at one of the most iconic nonprofits in the world, National Geographic Society for many years, and remain associated with its partner, National Geographic Partners, as an editor at large. In my capacity as an editor, we supported our mission programs, covering the good work done by our explorers and grantees.

Outline the specific skills you bring or contributions you hope to make to the ATCF Board.

High-level communications and media outreach. Top-editing external materials. Messaging and brainstorming media-friendly story ideas. A rolodex of talented creatives for print and pixel media projects. An engaging and empathetic spokesperson. A multi-cultural background and a career spent traveling and covering the world's natural and cultural treasures.

Why do you seek a position on the ATCF Board of Directors?

As a member of the ATCF steering committee, I was involved in seating the first Board of Directors group of the ATCF and know first-hand the incredibly good work this budding but bold organization is doing. It's a great honor to be nominated and I would be glad to serve, in any way needed.

Describe any experience with sustainable tourism.

As the former executive editor of National Geographic Traveler magazine and a current editor-at-large, I have conceived, assigned, and edited countless sustainable travel stories for a consumer audience. I have interviewed many National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, as well as Emerging and Young Explorers, many of whom work on sustainability issues and intersect with tourism. I have been a judge of the National Geographic World Legacy Awards, as well as an on-site evaluator for the National Geographic Unique Lodges program, which uses sustainability as a key pillar. As a media consultant, I work on the communication of sustainable tourism initiatives of clients or sub-clients; for example, shaping the releases of sustainable hotel management company Cayuga Collection (working through my client Tartan Group). 

Describe any experience working in fundraising and development.

Besides running bake sales when my kids were little? Sadly, none. I do think my skills at connecting and communicating have an indirect impact on the task of fundraising and development.

Describe any experience working with indigenous/community groups.

This is a growing area of interest. I have worked on shaping the news releases and backgrounders of ATAC (the Aboriginal Tourism Association of Canada), through my consulting client Tartan Group. I have made sure to include the voices of underrepresented groups in my writing (National Geographic Travel's Banff feature, for instance). I am a board member of the nonprofit organization Travel Unity, which seeks to increase diversity of all kinds in the world of travel.

Describe any experience working with nonprofits and/or conservation groups.

I have spent a career in one of the most iconic nonprofit organizations in the world, the National Geographic Society, and I retain many connections there. As the former executive editor of National Geographic Traveler and a current editor-at-large, I have had opportunities to meet and interview and absorb the wisdom of the heads of many esteemed conservation organizations, including Jean-Michel Cousteau, Sylvia Earle, Enric Sala, etc. I am on the advisory board of the nonprofit groups Travel + Social Good and Travel Unity. I was on the steering committee that helped seat the first board of the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund. And I am an advisory board member of the social impact voluntourism platform Giving Way. I am also a communications advisor to the new Transformational Travel Council.