Keep the Khumbu Region Trail System Clean: Q1 2019 Progress Update

The Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee has a lot to be proud about in having successfully completed construction of 7 garbage bins located at various resting points along the Everest Base Camp Trekking Trails in 2018!  The organization is continuing to progress on their grant in the first part of 2019 with selecting sites and planning for construction for the remaining 13 garbage bins that will be completed during the year.  In addition, another site visit will happen soon to install donor plaques on the 7 completed garbage bins as well as the 7 already installed garbage bins will be emptied and monitored. Lastly the measurement of selected sites for construction of the remaining 13 garbage bins will take place in order to get ready for the installation phase.  With more than 37,000 tourists and approximately 80,000 trekking and expedition staff with porters having visited the Khumbu Region where the Everest Trails inhabit, taking steps to control waste and mitigate environmental degradation on this important world landmark is huge!   

Project Name: Construction of Garbage Bins Along the Trekking Trails of Everest Region
Organization Name: The Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee
Year Grant Awarded: 2017
Progress Update:Quarter 1, 2019 Project Update