BOD Conflict of Interest

The ATCF Board of Directors prides ourselves on the integrity in which we participate in the ATCF grant program. In an effort to maintain transparency with our Members, we disclose the following:

ATCF board members may nominate projects to apply for funding. Board members and their projects are subject to the following guidelines:

  • ATCF board members will not participate in the ballot discussion associated with the specific project they nominated.

  • ATCF board members are prohibited from voting for their own project if their project is placed on the ballot.

  • The board member will clearly state their involvement in the project they are nominating. This includes financial benefit, benefit to the local communities in which they operate, benefit to the cultural assets and historic site they rely on, etc. This information will be clearly stated on the ballot to ensure all ATCF members understand the connection to our board member companies when voting for the projects they’d like us to fund.

Check out the BOD Conflict of Interest statement to learn more details about Board engagement with the ATCF grant program.