judy carvalhal, enchanted expeditions

How do you feel that your history best prepares you for service on the ATCF Board? 

For over 40 years I have been operating boats within the Galapagos National Park and running tours on the mainland of Ecuador. I started here as a Naturalist guide before moving on to forming my company, owning the boats, running an operation that has grown to include mostly cultural, wildlife and soft adventure trips throughout Ecuador and now worldwide. My experience has been in the management, creation and product research .

Outline the specific skills you bring or contributions you hope to make to the ATCF Board.

My skills are in management. I am multicultural and trilingual and hope that I can bring the Latin American perspective to this organization and wish to contribute in whatever area needs support.

Why do you seek a position on the ATCF Board of Directors?

I like what the ATCF is doing for people around the world that would probably not have access to help and I would like to be part of this team.

Describe any experience with sustainable tourism.

Operating cruises with the Galapagos National Park requires one to be sustainable in our practices. Coming to Galapagos with a background in biology and ecology I have always been conscious of being environmentally careful in my operation. This before it was regulated, before ecotourism became fashionable. For us it was not just a word. Furthermore, I believe that by supporting Indigenous communities and various small artisans throughout Ecuador we are helping sustain the peoples in various rural areas that would otherwise we jobless.

Describe any experience working in fundraising and development.

I do not have any experience with fundraising. Development has been within my business and the Playa de Pro community.

Describe any experience working with indigenous/community groups.

Currently we work with two specific communities in Ecuador by encouraging our guests to spend time with them to learn etc.. This provides a well needed economic support that goes into education and various social benefits for these groups. I was also directly involved in bringing tourism to the Playa de Oro community in Ecuador. We helped get them started and organized. Apart from these I have worked with other indigenous communities over the years. Some more successfully than others.

Describe any experience working with nonprofits and/or conservation groups.

I have not worked directly with any conservation groups. Working within the parameters of the Galapagos National Park requires one to be conservation minded and sustainable in our practices and approach to our business