The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund Funding Criteria

The ATCF’s mission is to protect threatened communities, cultures and wild places throughout the world for their cultural, habitat and recreational value. Our members are a diverse group of leading adventure travel and outdoor recreation businesses who share a common ethos and responsibility to protect the resources from which the adventure tourism industry benefits. 

    The ATCF will provide grants to organizations outside North America who seek funding for projects that support the ATCF mission and meet at least one of the following project criteria: 

     © ATTA / Hassen Salum

     © ATTA / Hassen Salum

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    Criteria 1: long-term protection of environmental resources such as wildland, waterway or threatened species

    ATCF is funding this type of project to preserve the natural conditions and diversity of destinations which are critical to sustaining a viable/quality experience for travelers and outdoor recreationalists in perpetuity.

    Criteria 2: cultural preservation and indigenous tourism initiatives

    ATCF is funding this type of project because over time, many cultural assets are at risk of disappearing without any record. Preserving traditional knowledge, historical sites and native language is critical to ensuring that the authenticity and sense of place is maintained for future generations, and those visiting them. Additionally, investing in the preservation of cultural assets will provide an opportunity for local communities to build a sustainable tourism economy.

    Criteria 3: outdoor infrastructure to enhance visitor experiences

    ATCF is funding this type of project to sustain current and future growth of users, while preserving or improving the natural assets of the location

    Criteria 4: business development opportunities for projects which focus on the preservation of unique cultural and natural resources

    ATCF funds projects that demonstrate a commitment to capacity building that directly support economic and social benefits for the community, while maintaining and embracing the local natural and cultural resources of the destination.

    atcf prioritizes projects that:  

    • Focus on long-term, lasting change
    • Have a good chance of successful completion within a two-year period
    • Have measurable outcomes and quantifiable impacts
    • Articulate verifiable final success metrics
    • Final success can be monitored and verified
    • Are driven by local stakeholders
    • Engage local community stakeholders
    • Demonstrate grassroots citizen support
    • Focus on addressing the root cause of the issue
    • Establish verifiable project milestones
    • Provide a clear benefit to the travel and outdoor industry, as well as the local community
    • Incorporate sustainable tourism management practices
    • Have an established relationship with an existing ATCF member

    ATCF does not fund the following:  

    • Governmental entities
    • Humanitarian projects
    • Video or documentary film projects 

    *Funding will be awarded based on:

    1. Projects that most closely align with the above criteria
    2. Available funding capacity for that grant cycle
    3. Membership voting preferences

    nominate a project for funding!

    1. To nominate a project for funding consideration, you must be a member of the ATCF. Become a member today!
    2. Complete and submit the Nominations Form by May 4th, 2018. Our nominations period will open in early April.