100% OF membership dues WILL BE AWARDED TO PROJECTS!

The Adventure Travel Conservation Fund will primarily serve as a provider of funding. This will allow groups with intimate knowledge of local projects and communities to be the most efficient and effective with the funds awarded. 

In 2018 the ATCF received 27 project applications from nominees all over the world. We expect a higher number of applicants in 2019 and therefore encourage member organizations to submit strong applications for funding consideration.

Who can apply

Both non profits and for profits will have the opportunity to apply. This may include tour operators, conservation groups, indigenous people groups etc. Organizations applying must first be nominated by an ATCF member to begin the application process and be considered for funding.

Two important variables will play a role in in how many projects are funded:

(1) The amount of membership/donor funding received and available for distribution that year, and

(2) the proposed budget for each project.

The final selection of projects that will be proposed to members for voting will have these factors considered. Funding amounts will range between $10,000 to $20,000 each depending on the size of the project and the impacts that the proposed project aims to achieve.

Important Dates:

  • Project Nominations Open – Mid April, 2019

  • Project Nominations Close – Mid May, 2019

  • RFP Sent Out to Applicants – Late May, 2019

  • RFP Submission Deadline – Late June, 2019

  • Voting Opens – Early September, 2019

  • Voting Closes – Mid October, 2019

  • Winners Announced – Late October, 2019