Membership Details

The ATCF has consciously designed this nonprofit to be an avenue for the entire travel and outdoor industry to come together and support projects that will benefit the future of tourism and destinations.

100% of membership dues go directly to funding on the ground conservation projects. Membership dues are USD $500 per million in revenue, up to $5,000. 

With this in mind, regardless of level of membership, all members will receive the same benefits:

  • Recognition as an organization that values the protection of tourism’s resources

  • Ability to nominate a project to receive funding

  • Ability to vote on final selection of projects to be awarded funding

  • Use of ATCF logo

Membership Benefits

Some of the immediate benefits of being an ATCF member are: 

We Take Care of the Hard Stuff: For many of you who have given funding out in the past, you know that some of the most challenging parts are (1) determining which organizations/NGOs to trust with your funding (2) finding a project that aligns with your organization's values, (3) monitoring to make sure that the project is successfully implemented. This will be our responsibility.

You Decide: ATCF members not only get to nominate the projects that you believe have the highest likelihood of success, but you also get to prioritize where the funding goes. The decisions are democratically decided upon by our members. You.

Build Internal Culture: Each year ATCF members get to nominate two projects and have one vote to rank the projects that they would like to receive funding. Bring together employees in your organization to vote on their favorites project, tallying up the results to represent the single vote your organization receives.

Influence Consumer Behavior: More than ever consumers consider a company’s humanitarian or philanthropic efforts when making a purchasing decision. You can use your membership of the ATCF to showcase your organizations passion for the conservation of unique natural and cultural resources of adventure travel destinations. Share your story on your site, in marketing materials and social media. The ATCF media packet gives examples and materials for getting the word out there. 

Brand Storytelling: A marketing plan has to do more than promote the products of the business. Being a member of the ATCF allows for additional content pieces that you can add to your mix. You can use talking points related to the nominations period, voting, as well as sharing stories about the grant winners and their work. 

Media Release: It can be challenging to create new stories to share with the media and attract attention for your business. Becoming a member of the ATCF is a strong story to broaden your brand image. 

Current Members 

Thank you to our five Adventure Leaders, who each contribute $25,000 per year to the support the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund!

Adventure Leader Logos.jpg

In addition, the ATCF has members from all corners of the world including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Central America and Africa.