Membership Details

The ATCF is uniquely situated to band together members across all fields of the adventure travel and outdoor industries to support and enhance adventure travel destinations. Collectively, our members democratically nominate and elect projects that provide long-term protection of environmental and cultural resources that benefit the future of tourism and destinations.

With ATCF taking charge around managing, monitoring and ensuring that the funded grant projects meet rigorous guidelines, our members can rest assured that they are contributing to meaningful and lasting conservation projects that make a significant difference.

The Value ATCF Brings

“In addition to actually doing the work, which ATCF is doing, it also is an important message that needs to be sent to the industry: We don’t exist as an industry if there are not rich cultures to exchange with, or environments to immerse with.”
— Dan Moore, Pandion

Every dollar makes a difference in allowing the ATCF to fund more projects that our members care deeply for. We are delighted that 100% of your membership dues go directly to funding on the ground conservation projects*. Membership dues are USD $500 per million in revenue, up to $5,000.

*Thank you to our Adventure Leaders whose funding supports the ATCF operationally, and allows us to facilitate our efficient and impactful grant program.

All members receive these same benefits:

  • Recognition as an organization that values the protection of tourism’s resources

  • Ability to nominate and vote final selection of a projects to receive funding

  • Regular grant updates and standardized reports to share with your community

  • Use of ATCF logo

Stepping up as an Adventure Leader

Copy of ATCF - Adventure Leader-2.jpg

Supporting the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund through a $25,000 dollar yearly contribution unpacks even greater value to you as an ATCF member beyond the benefits already outlined. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, you will be recognized and seen as leader in our industry. You will receive regular and frequent recognition at events and any marketing communications, a seat at the Adventure Leader Council to advise and inform the organization, custom-voting ballots that make electing grants easier and more efficient and exclusive custom reports showcasing your impact that you can share with your community. Here you can learn even more about The Benefits of Becoming An Adventure Leader opportunity.

From all corners of the world - including North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Central America and Africa – we are grateful to our diverse and growing member community of tour operators, accommodations, direct marketing organizations, travel agencies and nonprofits that make this important work possible.

For additional information about membership please contact us at

“Every one of our stakeholders, from our tour operator partners to their travelers, from our employees to professional associations we’re members of, are all wholeheartedly vested in the conservation of tourism areas around the world. Joining the ACTF is aligned with our core values as individual adventure travelers and as an organization.”
— Jim Kane, Exito Travel