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The ATCF relies on our member companies to nominate projects that protect our international resources.  We gladly accept nominations of organizations with relationships of any kind to our member companies, however, only ATCF members may nominate a project.  Member companies may nominate a maximum of two projects that directly benefit a community, culture or environment.  Each member company must fully disclose their relationship with the nominated organization when completing the below form.

Each organization that receives a nomination will be formally invited to submit a grant request of up to USD $20,000. The ATCF Board of Directors may consider grant requests up to $30,000 on a case-by-case basis.  Groups interested in applying for more than $20,000 must get approval from ATCF’s Executive Director, Soraya Shattuck. 

All projects applications submitted to the ATCF are evaluated by the Board of Directors, with a final shortlist of the most viable project being selected for voting by ATCF members. For more information on how our Board of Directors engages with the ATCF grant program, check out our BOD Conflict of Interest policy.

Please help us find great organizations worthy of our funds! For a project to be considered, submit nominations by May 17th, 2019

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ATCF discloses all relationships between our members and organizations applying for funding during each step of the grant-making process, including our internal grant review process and the general membership voting period.
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Completing the RFP can sometimes be a challenge for organizations, especially when English is their second language.  While it is not a requirement, we encourage all of our member companies to provide basic translation support to the organizations they nominated. Grant applicants will have approximately one month to submit their application. We estimate that it will take organizations between 20-30 hours to complete the application.

If you have specific questions about the nominations process, contact Soraya Shattuck at