World Nomads: Hard At Work Saving Generations of Sea Turtles

We posted this Member Spotlight Story back in an ATCF Newsletter in May, but wanted to highlight it again as fantastic conservation work showcased within the ATCF community.

In addition, after hearing some amazing stories at the Adventure Travel World Summit, ATCF wants to share more regularly member conservation stories so that we can learn and grow as a community together. If you are a member and have a compelling story to share that we can feature in our blog, please visit our Member Spotlight page and fill out a form or reach out to us with any questions.

The following video from ATCF member World Nomads produced in partnership with The Sea Turtle Conservancy documents the work these companies are doing in Costa Rica. This project’s aim is to reduce the impacts of climate change on sea turtles and promote eco-tourism around Tortuguero Beach, which hosts the largest green turtle rookery in the Western Hemisphere as a way to build sustainable conservation programs that provide revenue for local communities.

Read even more about this awesome project here.

Way to go World Nomads!